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We have selected only the best quality equipment to ensure that you get that maximum results form your chosen solar package

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Invest Solar has designed packages to suit your basic needs. We understand that each household has a specific set of requirements, thus we have solutions tailor made for you.


This is when solar panels subsidize what would be pulled out of municipality to run loads, this solution is purely cost saving, this solutions does not have backup(batteries for storage of power).

Hybrid solution

This is when solar panels, municipal energy power, generator and batteries are used, this is cost saving as well as storage for the batteries to accommodate essential loads power should the energy provider collapse(load shedding, load reduction, cable theft ). This is the most frequently used solution whereby you still have the utility provider as a backup for battery charging should there not be enough sun.

Off grid solution

This is whereby there is no utility provider and the client is running purely off solar and batteries, bearing in mind that additional batteries may be required to overcome power shortage in the case of poor( heavily clouded weather)weather for a few day period. This solution has no access to the utility provider, this is purely standalone solution.


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