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Invest Solar was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with a mission to accelerate the proliferation of photovoltaic solar in Southern Africa.

After 39 years in the Electrical Industry founder of a well-known electrical business Ellie Salkow started Invest Solar in 2019 with having the vision to empower lives of others by providing a source of renewable energy. Invest Solar is a distributor of PV Solar, back up and other renewable/energy – efficient products for the residential, commercial and Informal Settlement market. We custom supply products based on the requirements to optimally suit our customer’s needs – delivering the best quality and service. Our products reach consumers through trade counters, resellers, installers, Pop up stores and E-commerce purveyors.

We are all about enhancing businesses and empowering lives.

Our Core Value is to:

Show up every day to provide a BRIGHTER future for our partners and customers.

Invest Solar is about lightening up the lives of others as we pursue our everyday doings with transparency and integrity,

As a team we solve problems, provide solutions and have high standards of excellence.

Invest Solar

If you’re interested in a brighter future – for you, your family, your business – Invest Solar is fitted for you. We look forward to serving you.

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