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Common questions answered to assist you in making easier and better purchase decisions and provide online support.

Electricity is generated by burning of coal which uses fossil fuel and is unsustainable. Going Solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to climate change which results in fewer air pollutants and reduces your carbon footprint which is sustainable.

The amount of energy generated is dependent on the sunlight, your Solar Panels will produce slightly less energy when the weather is cloudy, however should you add batteries to your system you can utilise the excess power produced during the day, at night to utilize stored energy.

Having a solar system installed within your home increases the value of your property more than a Kitchen renovation as per the studies shown, The Solar system has a positive impact on the value of your home.

Nothing, by giving your panels a simple wipe down every few months is the most maintenance required.

Three battery types are available.

a. Lead Acid – 1 year warranty
Lead acid needs to be maintained by replacing battery water dependant usage which is relatively inexpensive. The life span on the batteries is dependent on usage which varies between 1 – 5 years.

b. Gel batteries – 1 year warranty
Required no maintenance, the life span is dependent on usage which varies between 1 – 5 years.

c. Lithium-Ion – 10-year warranty
No maintenance is required, dependent on usage battery can last 10 – 15 years.

Yes, dependant on the unique circumstances, rates payable vs system installed you could pay off your system within 3 years with the money saved on your utility bill, the return on investments is guaranteed.

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