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How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

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A big question for first-time investors is how many panels are needed to go into solar power or where to even begin? It’s a big question because it directly affects the cost of your new solar energy system. With the rise in demand for solar systems, prices tend to be in the thousands but you often don’t need to over- spend and this can be done by answering a few simple questions to gauge the size of equipment that is needed.

Here are some facts to consider:

1. Look at your bills especially during winter and summer months – it is a good
idea to keep a record of how much you have been paying.

2. Think about the future. Investing in solar power is no short term thing thus you
need to know whether your future energy needs to for the next 10 to 20 years
will change.

3. Look at your monthly watt usage as well as converting it into daily usage.

4. Consider the area space of your property and the size of panels that you
would need. Try researching online for different calculation methods.

5. Take into consideration the area that you or your business resides in. You
would need to know how much sun exposure the property receives.

6. List important questions that you may have as a potential solar investor.
These questions can be directed to a professional service provider (ie. Invest
Solar) so that you are more at ease with your decision.

7. Get A Solar Quotation from a reputable solar supplier. Submit the information
that you have gathered to your trusted supplier (Invest Solar is a definite option)
and receive a formal quotation to suit the data that you have collected.

These tips should assist in making your decision for the future. Remember that solar power is a once-off price (excluding maintenance and additions), unlike electricity that you may currently run on which is constantly rising throughout the history of time as well as the fact that the world is desperately looking for alternative renewable energy sources due to the decrease in the supply of electricity.

Invest Solar is reliable and welcomes your questions and quotation requests to make the process easier for you.

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