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Load Shedding – A new reason to switch to Solar Power?

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Loadshedding seems to be a more frequent topic evolving at a rapid pace within South African grounds although frustration is a strong emotion that is expressed in this topic. Has this disappointment in Eskom’s great failure caused more South Africans to look at alternative energy supply? This is the perfect time to visit Invest Solar.

While many South Africans today sit in darkness, a backup plan is needed. The major energy crisis began in 2014 with what we thought was a negative step of stage 3 load shedding but the negative matter has just increased with time, leaving the community with stage 6, five years later. The cost per kWh by Eskom has been recorded of increasing ahead of inflation since 2008. South Africa relies on Mozambique as a supplier of energy, when Mozambique experienced devastation in April 2019 with a cyclone, South Africa felt the aftereffects of blackouts. Eskom also depends on a coal supply for energy production but this has resulted in environmental consequences. All this dependency on other elements is backfiring and green energy is a good alternative.

Load shedding has created great damage to businesses whether being the shortage of being able to successfully serve their customers or losing money on appliances that can not handle the constant power surges. Households also suffer in this regard, daily life is affected and slows down the rush of Johannesburg life a little too much.

‘Going green’ is cheaper as well as a more reliable energy source which is of great importance at this stage. Generator sales skyrocketed when it was seen as an alternative option to fix the load shedding crisis but this contributes to the environmental factor that the world is currently coming face to face with, although spending a bit more now can be brighter for the future and in the long run a cheaper option. Commercial sales for solar-powered homes or businesses have increased representing more South Africans moving to a solution from load shedding.

South Africa has devoted more effort to renewable energy production. The country receives a relative amount of sun therefore solar power is easier to maintain.

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