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Solar Panels Could Soon Be Generating Power at Night

Can solar power be generated at night 1

Throughout the years there have been geniuses who have discovered and invented innovative technology, it seems like now we are at the brink of a new era in electricity by discovering other means of generating electricity.
As much as solar panel technology is effective in our quest for renewable energy, the challenge is that such panels can’t generate electricity at night. However new research suggests that its possible to design panels that can operate at night.
The heart of the solution is at the cell level, where researchers are testing solar panel cells that can generate energy based on temperature. Researchers from the University of California, Davis are looking to put together materials that can form a panel to generate power both from solar energy and thermal elements.
While there’s a long way to go to properly scale up this technology so that it’s practically useful – many prototypes are in development. The discovery of this particular technology will be a relatively cheap and inexpensive way to keep solar cells operating 24 hours a day.
It seems not so far away a future that involves the use of the universes elements to sustain ourselves rather than use up our earths resources to burn a light bulb.

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